Caroling For Seniors

Serving the Ones Who Took Care of Us When We Were Young



We plan around early September. Organize the music and gather the choir and rehearse early on.


We contact senior centers, retirement homes and visit special groups for the seniors to share the great news.


We post our events on our clandar on this site once we have a solid date and time for our caroling for seniors.

Wonderful Choir 

We all share a common goal: We want to give back, and give back with singing to our dearest people in our community, our seniors. When we were young, they took care of us. They fed us, guided us, took our hands and led us through the path of life, to where we are today.  Our seniors shape and mold the community that we're in.  We follow through and took care of the rest. 

We want to give back to our seniors with music and songs. We sing the Christmas carols from the times and place where memory lanes shows and share stories of times and space where they were and enjoying a good time singing with us.  Our songs like Jingle Bells, lead them from the places and things they remember and joined.

We sing because we want to share our passion for our seniors.

Sing! Sing! Sing! Some of our choir friends have their own musical groups that sing for seniors all year long.  Check this one out!


Fine Tuning

Yes, we fine tune our music for our seniors to enjoy. We pick songs that are pleasing and familiar to our seniors. 


We keep you posted in our blogs.  We keep your senior community and you up to date on our site here. Stay tuned.

Contact Us

To book us for a special event, for fill the heart with music and songs, and anything with music for the seniors, contact us.